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Trio Owon

Trio Owon was formed in 2009 on an intiative by fine musicians of the new generation who shared a passion for chamber music: Olivier Charlier, Emmanuel Strosser and Sung-Won Yang. The artists wished to share with the public their organic concept of music, within which they draw from various sources of artistic inspiration.

During a concert tour of Asia the musicians decided to name their trio Owon, to honour a Korean painter bearing that nickname. The artist lived in the times of Brahms and even though he made his art in a wholly disparate esthetic context, he is described as a “painter of nature, emotion and poetry”. The musicians believe that his work, being the result of tradition and renaissance of 19th century Korea may be interpreted as an allegory of the pursuit of the ideal. For the trio of musicians, this uncommon artist, whose life was portrayed in the film “Painted fire” (Palme d’Or for best director in Cannes, 2002), is the personification of a universal dimension in art and its history. This is because the life of the painter illustrates the dilemmas and battles that must be faced and fought by any unbridled artistic soul. Reaching beyond the anecdotal, they become a symbol of harmonious coexistence of knowledge and innovation.

In recent years Trio Owon had had the opportunity to present their exceptional artistic maturity and diversity of interpretation during their many concerts and recordings made in Great Britain, France and South Korea. The Trio’s discography, consisting mainly of albums recorded for the Decca Asie label includes a double album of works by Schuberta and Dvorák, an album of Beethoven’s complete piano trios nad a recording of Messiaen’s Quartet for the End of Time.