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Cooking with Beethoven

concert number 4


Sinfonietta Cracovia
Jurek Dybał

Concert description


Today, when the kitchen is a research area of anthropological studies, nobody questions its role in culture. By examining the diet of our ancestors, including famous people, we can learn something about ourselves. What did Beethoven eat? What were his kitchen rituals? We do not have so much information as with Chopin or Proust. We know that he was a coffee lover – he would always count out exactly 60 beans per cup… He liked fish and pasta with Parmesan cheese, which had to be imported from Italy and was his favorite meal, and every Thursday he was served a very particular bread soup with wine. He also left us this enigmatic message: “Only the pure at heart can make good soup”. Jurek Dybał and Sinfonietta Cracovia, as well as chef Michał Kosowski from the “Żona Krawca” café in the Kamionek district, invite you to our culinary and musical event.


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