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Night and Day

concert number 14



La complainte de la butte (mus. Georges Van Parys, lyr. Jean Renoir, arr. Manon Cousin) [4’]
Night And Day from musical Gay Divorce (mus./lyr. Cole Porter, arr. Manon Cousin) [2’]
Lai du Chèvrefeuille (Assez me plest e bien le voil…, mus./lyr. Marie de France, arr. Pauline Langlois de Swarte) [4’]
Heyamoli (traditional Georgian song, arr. Tamar Buadze) [4’]
La lune (mus. Manon Cousin, lyr. Bertille de Swarte) [3’]
Heiemo og Nykkjen (traditional Norwegian song, arr. Pauline Langlois de Swarte) [6’]
Mama compla (mus./lyr. Manon Cousin) [4’]
Khamei (anonymous medieval theme, lyr./arr. Élodie Pont) [4’]
Teir abhaile riu (traditional Celtic music, arr. Pauline Langlois de Swarte) [4’]
Bel astre que j’adore (anonymous, 15th c., arr. Manon Cousin) [2’]
Akatombo (mus. Kosaku Yamada) [2’]
Blackbird (mus./lyr. John Lennon, Paul McCartney, arr. Manon Cousin) [4’]

Concert description

Programs like this one are hard to come across. In a way, it is a journey through music, both in space and in time. Our guides on that journey will be the Les Itinérantes vocal trio: Manon Cousin, Pauline Langlois de Swarte, and Élodie Pont. Its members met while studying musical theatre, but they came from slightly different backgrounds – jazz, world music, and early music.

Generally, the trio does not perform music as it came to as through original sources. They opt for rearrangements and pair the music with their own lyrics. Sometimes, it is not out of choice but necessity: after all, Les Itinérantes often use ancient, medieval or traditional sources, many of which are incomplete. On other occasions, the reason behind the rework is to make a piece work for a trio, on yet another: to give the music a personal touch.

In their programs, the artists juxtapose numerous kinds of music from different ages: folk and early music, popular compositions, musical pieces, film scores… On top of that, they are in many different languages: French and English, but also Gaelic, Sephardic Ladino, or Georgian. The audience is in for a true day-and-night journey!

Dominika Micał, “Ruch Muzyczny”