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Boris Lyatoshynsky Grazhyna, Op. 58, Symphonic Ballad after Adam Mickiewicz [19’]
Francis Poulenc
Sinfonietta [30’]
I. Allegro con fuoco
II. Molto vivace
III. Andante cantabile
IV. Finale. Prestissimo et très gai
César Franck The Accursed Huntsman (Le chasseur maudit), Symphonic Poem [15’]

Concert description

Boris Lyatoshynsky’s symphonic ballad Grażyna was written to commemorate the 100th anniversary of Adam Mickiewicz’s death. With its late-Romantic (despite the fact that it was composed in the middle of the 20th century), rich orchestration, the piece brings back the key moments of the poem, whose plot is based on the legendary battles between the Lithuanian dukes and the Teutonic Order. The text of the original poem and its musical realization by the father of modern Ukrainian music resonate with the “dark” spirit of the Romantic era, introduced into literature by, for example, Gottfried August Bürger. In addition to the most famous of his ballads, Lenora, also his ballad Der wilde Jäger (The Wild Hunter) was orchestrated by César Franck in his dark symphonic poem. The piece opens with an idyllic vision of a Sunday morning in the countryside with church bells calling for mass. However, the protagonist, the Prince, does not respect the holy day and goes hunting – for this blasphemy he is cursed by a mysterious voice in the forest and punished by demons. The chase of the demonic horde refers to the legend of the Wild Hunt, known today primarily from the Witcher game. The Gothic mood of the featured program is brightened by the unpretentious Sinfonietta by Francis Poulenc, a composer from a later era with the “classical Romantic”, Felix Mendelssohn, as its patron. This is especially evident in the Sinfonietta‘s second movement (Molto vivace), combining playfulness with mystery in a manner reminiscent of the music of the German “classical Romantic”.

– Dominika Micał, “Ruch Muzyczny”