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Romanticism? That’s Fantastic!

concert number 6


Concert description

The adventure of listening to classical music usually begins with…. Romantic symphonic works. Why? Because this kind of music tells interesting stories! And who doesn’t love stories with a captivating plot, mysterious atmosphere, heroic and funny characters, and dangerous enemies? All of these and many more feelings can be expressed through music, and the language of this expression was created by Romantic composers, who were fascinated by stories from ancient times and exotic lands, folk melodies, horror, and mystery. And we still can understand this language, even if we think we “don’t know much about music.” Drawing upon music by Felix Mendelssohn and Stanislaw Moniuszko, we will look at how a symphony orchestra creates moods and tells stories, we will revisit the classics of Shakespearean comedy, and sing a traditional song. And since Romanticism is also a mystery, there must also be some surprises! It will be fantastic!