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Emilia Schock


fot. Małgorzata Dudek

A student of the Karol Szymanowski General Primary and Secondary Music School in Wrocław, currently in the 4th year of the secondary level. She began playing the violin at the age of 7, initially under the guidance of Aneta Szczygielska, and for the past 3 years under the guidance of Dr. Hab. Christian Danowicz. Since the first grade of the primary music school, Emilia has participated in numerous competitions, winning dozens of awards. Her most significant achievements include: the 1st place in the National Violin Competition “Mistrz Literatury Dziecięcej O. Rieding” in Warsaw, the 1st place in the Premio Clavis Competition in Rome, and the 2nd place in the 38th Chamber Ensemble Competition in Wrocław. Since the 2015/2016, Emilia has been a yearly recipient of the scholarship from the Mayor of Wrocław.