Tickets go on sale on 1 September at 11 AM. Tickets can be purchased at the Teatr Wielki’s box office and at

Reduced tickets are not available at the La Folle Journée Festival. For the Moniuszki Hall, the ticket price depends on seating – the first floor PLN 25, amphitheater PLN 25, 1st and 2nd balcony PLN 22, 3rd balcony PLN 20. Tickets for concerts held at the Redutowe Rooms, Backstage, and the Chamber Hall cost PLN 25. Tickets for concerts held at the Rehearsal Hall (272 Grochowska Street) are priced at PLN 20.

Tickets cannot be returned during or after an event, even if you did not use them.

You can present a ticket on your mobile device or print it out prior to the concert. Please zoom in on the barcode and brighten the screen for the theater staff to scan it.

You can attend an orchestral concert with a child over 6 years of age. Younger kids may attend concerts in the FAMILY category.

Concerts are grouped into categories, which are meant to provide cues for attendees. Each of the four categories refers to who is performing at a concert (Orchestral, Chamber, Other) or whom a concert is intended for (Family concerts).

No unauthorized photography or video recording is allowed at concerts. Please turn off cell phones and all other electronic devices. The sounds of incoming calls and notifications disturb the artists and other audience members. They may also interfere with the sound system.

Evening attire is not required at the La Folle Journée Festival. Our guests wear everything from casual outfit to formal attire.

Please, arrive about 30 minutes before concert.