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Night Music – sold out

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Night Music (concert premiere of the album)

Concert description

Contemporary music is not always just about the sounds. Ever more often, composers come up with entire concerts or pieces written with particular venues or circumstances in mind. One of the devices applied here is awaiting the music in dim light: this way, the audience can isolate themselves from visual stimuli and focus entirely on listening. Some artists suggest closing the eyes, other hand out blindfolds, some switch all the lights off. There are even ones who expect the musicians to play in the dark.

Vitalii Kyianytsia’s second solo album includes Night Music, composed during the COVID pandemic and about to be performed live for the first time during La Folle Journée de Varsovie. It is best to experience it in almost entirely blacked-out surroundings, preferably even lying down. The piece, based on improvisation halfway between jazz and contemporary classical, comprises twelve movements. It takes the audience on a journey through a subtle, sometimes mysterious, musical landscape and, most of all, provides comfort. Then comes the last movement that seems to lull us to sleep.

Dominika Micał, “Ruch Muzyczny”